Designed for use with the Success Injection System, Lucitone FRS is a temporary thermoplastic injectable resin that offers superior flexibility, transparency for optimal aesthetics, and stress crack resistance. Lucitone FRS material delivers first-in-class removable partial dentures (RPD), and colored clasps. Un-pigmented FRS is also available for fabrication of clear clasps, occlusal splints, and nightguards. Using the Success System, FRS delivers proven accuracy the first time, eliminating costly remakes.

The semi-crystaline nylon composition provides FRS with strength, flexibility, transparency, high impact resistance, outstanding UV and light stability, color stability, ability to inject flexible RPDs and clasps utilizing the Success Injection System closed flask technique, low water sorption and good dimensional stability, monomer and metal free, microcrystaline structure is easy to finish and polish like acrylic.